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Here’s What Happened at the UBA Mid-Winter Meeting

The United Benefit Advisors mid-winter meeting was a large success, as it created a platform for advisors to share thoughts and ideas in order to foster growth. This meeting was a congregation of over 140 independent agency owners across the country. The midwinter meeting took place at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix. To fully understand the event, one must learn more about the United Benefit Advisors as a whole.

Collabration-Icon-01United Benefit Advisors, or UBA, is a community of the most trusted independent employee benefits advisory firms in North America and Europe. Rather than being made up of franchises, UBA is made up of independent benefits advisors who live in clients’ communities and therefore understand clients’ unique needs. UBA works with employers to help protect the financial health of each and every company they serve and to make a significant difference in the lives of the employees of these companies.

Another exciting and enriching aspect of this meeting was the large span of main platform speakers that graced the stage, spreading their ideas in ways that opened the eyes of the UBA partners in attendance. One incredible speaker was Mike Lindstrom, a consultant and professional keynote speaker. Lindstrom spoke to the participants about how to be better in 2016, an idea that is on everyone’s minds in the winter as a large portion of the year lies ahead. Mike Lindstrom’s method for improvement involved embracing what he called “the three G’s”: giving, growth and grit. This was an extremely beneficial lecture that UBA partners were able to apply to their professional lives as well as their personal lives.

Another speaker who made an impact on the UBA mid-winter Meeting was an attorney from Boston. This attorney spoke about the impact of the elections, another hot-button issue as the primaries occur throughout our nation. This attorney specifically focused on how the elections would affect the Affordable Care Act. The attorney furthered the conversation by speaking about ways the UBA Partners can help to educate their clients in order to prepare for what is ahead as our country’s political climate shifts.

The United Benefits Advisors mid-winter meeting was not an event that its attendees would soon forget. With enlightening speakers and the exchange of unique ideas, the UBA mid-winter meeting benefitted all of the UBA Partners in attendance and better prepared them for the year ahead.