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In today’s society, smartphones continue the change way we do things, and that is especially true within the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals are seeing the benefits from these health applications since they have been improving their practice. Here are four of the best apps  for doctors and physicians.

Read by QxMD

If you enjoy catching up on some of your medical journal reading, than I highly recommend you download this app. It is available for iOS and Android and it allows you to read and download studies and journals from many different notable sources. Doctors and physicians have very busy schedules so this an awesome app for them to keep updated on current topics at their convenience.

Calculate by QxMD

This awesome app is extremely useful for physicians. Calculate by QxMD has the ability to translates these unique research findings into easier ways for informing diagnoses for patients, establishing dosage use and even guiding treatments. This is definitely a great way for physicians to save time when meeting with patients.


MyChart, which also available for both iOS and Android creates a communication channel between the patient and health care provider. This is extremely valuable for the patient since they can track test results, medical treatments, and even pay medical bills all at the hands of their fingertips. Mychart is great way to be constantly updated on your health at all times.


If you are looking for any easy way to find the lowest prices for prescriptions, than iPharmacy is the answer. This unique app gives patients the option to track medicines to document whether they are following the instructions prescribed by their physicians. The app also includes an awesome electronic discount card to use a numerous pharmacies.