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With job-hopping on the rise, especially amongst recent college graduates, many employers are scratching their heads, trying to determine how to keep employees longer. It is in an employer’s best interest to keep their employees around; acquiring and training new talent is extremely costly.  Conversely, there are several recent studies that indicate it is in the employee’s best interest to change jobs every couple years (or even more frequently). While that fact is being debated, it’s clear that companies need to get creative in the ways they keep their best people around. Let’s take a look at some of the most eye-popping benefits offered by the top employers!

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Most, if not all companies offer some sort of maternity and paternity leave. Getting a month or so of paid maternity leave is really supportive and some companies go so far as four months of paid leave. Spotify offers six. One company stands apart though…

Netflix offers a staggering one-year of paid maternity and paternity leave. Netflix is in the company of other organizations that have done away with specific hours, and only track employee’s output and contributions (Google is famous for this, as well). One-year of paid time off to care for your new child is outstanding though.

Family Focus

Another company that focuses on supporting growing families is the Campbell Soup Company. Alongside their 100% healthcare coverage and various other employee wellness programs, is a uniquely convenient way to balance work and life.

Campbell’s has an onsite day care center and a full kindergarten program! Not only that, they also have an afterschool program for kids as old as 12. Clearly, the Campbell Soup Company takes to heart it’s family-friendly image.

Debt Repayment

A concern for recent graduates, and maybe a partial explanation for why they are changing careers so often, is paying back student loans. College tuition and fees are steadily growing (and outpacing inflation) and thus, student loan debt is growing as well.

So young professionals are looking for high-paying jobs to pay back their student loans. One company in particularly is helping that effort with one of their employee benefits.

In 2015, PwC rolled out a benefit that makes available $1,200 a year in student loan debt reimbursement. All 22,000 of their employees at the associate and senior associate level can receive this benefit. This change is a part of bigger changes they are rolling out in order to keep their employees longer.

Not all companies can afford these types of flashy and impressive benefits, but for those who can, it must feel good to provide such amazing perks. And for the people who enjoy them, they may want to rethink how green the grass looks on the other side.

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